Chapter 1

The six of the eight friends were all gathered around outside their big apartment in the wonderful garden playing football . The only one sitting down was Gopi Singh. While on the other hand a guy named Abdul Rahman was too busy preparing his speech about the college presentation about IIT and he decided to introduce himself first.

ABDUL (clears throat): hello and welcome to IIT Mumbai newcomers, my name is Abdul Rahman and I’m 19 years old. I shall start off by talking about my eight friends and how we all fitted into the IIT together. My story takes place years ago when I started at a school called ST. Patricks with a very strict principal named Mr. Bose and the reason for that being was very very simple, he often turned out to be a disciplinarian who would only allow less mischief or fun because all he wanted to see was hard work. So my first impression about him was fear because I didn’t know whether I’ll be able to impress him in any way or not, nor was I sure whether I’ll ever be able to make any new friends till I came across this confident gang of boys talking to each other as they passed me by so I thought that I should join them too thinking they might turn out to be a good socialising group who were Rahul Acharya 20, Ram Balasubramaniam 16, Rohit Aggarwal 17, Gopi Singh 18, Tarun Dhanesekaran 21 , Akash Vaidayanathan 23 but worst disaster struck me again like lightning when I came to have met someone I’ve met who turned out to be far worse than the principal, a 24 year old gang leader with curly hair and cool sunglasses but unfortunately turned out to be dressed in a funny old fashioned way from the late 60’s named Abhijeet Bajaj who according to me had no sense of humour for he would order other people about including me and it was an annoying experience . In the beginning , others didn’t like or trust him to be a best friend of their group either but they had to listen because Mr. Bose always considered him to be one of his best, mature pupils of the year and he was chosen as class monitor forever. Since they were the naughty ones and had to be kept an eye on. The only reason I decided to split from the gang as soon as possible was because they were stupid to still obey Abhijeet whereas I took a clever decision so I’m always proven to be one step ahead of them. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall give you very simple advice, don’t socialise with these guys or else you’ll end up regretting it one day just like I did.

Just then Rahul who had finished taking his shower opened the door feeling outraged with hearing his last words.

Rahul(grumpily frowning folding his arms): ok Mr. Show off man, just to let you know for your information, we all had a perfectly good reason for doing what we felt was right at the time. If you are going to insult us anyway couldn’t you come up with a much better line than this?

Abdul: look, can’t you see for yourself that I’m busy focusing on the camera for my new project to all the new students who wish to enrol do not interrupt me. I give you my word that I’ll talk to you after you get changed, cross my heart and hope to die (sarcastically).

Rahul (being stubborn): I d.o.n.t care. Take back your words.

Abdul(gives a big sigh of disbelief): seriously, learn to take a chill pill

(Gopi sees Rahul and enters the scene)

GOPI: fight with him later because I desperately need you on the field with me so can you join me?
(Rahul rubbed Gopi on the head thinking how to get rid of him so that he could continue to argue with Abdul in peace)
Rahul: just give me 2 minutes because we both are just in the middle of an interesting conversation then I’ll join you to play football, I swear by god.

Gopi left disappointed again. The fight continued till Abhijeet Bajaj came by feeling very exhausted with so much sweat on his face kneeling down with the ball because of the long day spent playing in the sun. Hearing all the big argument, he stepped forward to calm the situation

Abhijeet: I guess I’m the only one who has to solve your problem so make it quick .I too need to have a fresh shower after a long day outside. As it is I always happen to be the smart guy who usually comes up with the best solutions.

Rahul: Really Abhijeet?? If you are so smart, can you tell Abdul to stop bickering about himself and apologise because he just made rude comments about us?

( Abdul gave a strange look at Rahul)

Abdul: well, at least I have manners and am not too nosey unlike some people I know.

Rahul(gave a wide gasp): are you calling me rude again?

Abhijeet rolled his eyes at their constant bickering.

Abhijeet: wow, I must say you both really do get on well.

Rahul suddenly changes his expression to a big grin and looked sheepishly at Abdul.

Rahul: oh, forget everything, let’s just patch up.

Abdul: yeah, I suppose you’re right.

They both shook hands with each other which made Abhijeet very satisfied.

Abhijeet: great, now don’t bother me again.

But unfortunately, just as he was about to leave Rahul and Abdul screamed out loud almost bursting his eardrum, which made him cry out and he was really mad.

Abhijeet: Why can’t you guys behave for once and let me have my shower in peace?

They pointed at the screen in horror as the tape was being played showing their argument which made him suddenly change his expression

Abhijeet : ok, first of all that is not my problem because you guys started it and second of all can’t you ever use your common sense? Delete it, have a good day.

They blocked his way

Rahul: okay smart guy, but you know very well only you know how to do that.

Abhijeet: Funny you should be saying that Rahul, because I thought you were the smart guy. And you lack manners so get out of my way.

Rahul and Abdul stared threateningly at his face

Abhijeet: Ooooh that is scary!! I’ll join you in your stupid quest of saving your IIT presentation if I have to but please cut that out. It is silly.

Rahul : it won’t be easy to delete it due to the fact that if the IIT principal finds out , we are in serious trouble.

Abhijeet: ok, if you want me to only delete the part when you had an argument I will, but remember one thing , this shouldn’t go out to anyone. I want to show off my professionalism, have you understood?

Rahul and Abdul nod their heads facing Abhijeet with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

When it was late at night ,Rahul and Abdul crept from door to door revealing to everyone what sort of mess they were stuck in which made their friends worried promising that they too will help them out tomorrow early in the morning . The next day Abhijeet woke up, brushed his teeth but when he came downstairs to get his morning breakfast, he became surprised to find that nobody was there so he searched every corner of each bedroom only to find that they were all empty as well. That’s when he had his sixth sense that Rahul and Abdul could possibly be up to no good.

Abhijeet(nodding his head muttering): unbelievable, I don’t think I can trust those two nitwits anymore. If everyone else is interfering, they’re dead meat.

(He’s walked in Abdul’s room and peeks through his door giving a friendly smile but changes his expression quickly when he sees everyone was in the room. He slams the door)

Abhijeet: What did I tell you about keeping everything a secret yesterday?

Rahul: yes you did but we figured that we would work better as a team

Abhijeet: you guys didn’t bother listening to me but I’m sure everyone else will like they should when I tell them nicely to get out and play another round of football with me.

Abhijeet could see that the others would never join him this time because both Abdul and Rahul seriously needed them to fix the camera and as it is he was still upset about the fact that they broke his promise. Seeing no other better option for himself, he could only think of one easy solution to make the others get his attention so he thought of being childish

(he picks up the camera holding it up in the air)

Abhijeet: is this what you prefer for me to do instead?.

(Abdul nodded his head and shook Abhijeet like a tree)

Abdul: wake up dude, do you have any idea how expensive that camera is ook? please don’t even bother to touch my camera again.

Rahul: we don’t care if you’re in a stroppy mood, just go and do something that would cheer you up and let us do our job in peace.

Abhijeet: ok, what is it for me if you don’t consider me more important anymore? I can play football on my own, farewell everybody and I was champion once.

but surprisingly enough he was bored, as he picked the ball from his bedroom and opened Abdul’s door

Abhijeet(giving a sad pout): Rahul, Abdul , you’re best friends with me aren’t you? Then please o please join me with another game including the others, It’s only a small project so I don’t see what the big deal here is. I’ll be really bored otherwise.

Abdul: seriously why are you so moody all the time? what we suggested was very simple advice (Abdul speaks slowly ) we have work to do. Find a way to entertain yourself.

Abhijeet: I know you like my poetry so here is one of your favourites. (Abhijeet stands in front and begins his saying loudly waving frantically to get his friends attention with his usual annoying croaky voice, the others cover their ears)

Saying: come on you boys of youth

Join me in my chorus for I know

You love my great sayings as much as I

It’s like your favourite cereal in the morning

It’s always harder to eat before you add milk

So whatcha say, come and play?

Rahul(becoming angry clenching his teeth but quickly changes it to a smile seeing that shouting at him would be of no use): no Abhijeet, see that’s where you’ve gone completely wrong because you’re not on planet earth and we all know what you’re trying to do but I know what would be a better suggestion, if you want to recite a poem, maybe you ought to get a band going, whatcha say pal?


Abhijeet: Rahul, I’m not here to distract anyone but just to remind you people that since this is Abdul’s private presentation, he can fix it himself while we go have fun outside in the bright sun playing football so what do you all have to say to that?

Rahul became amused at his jealousy

Rahul: ooh poor Abhijeet cannot handle the fact that we are spending more time with Abdul than we would usually with him

Abhijeet : no no , you’re getting it all wrong.

Abhijeet: I mean I am not but just telling you the truth about the matter so come on everybody, let’s go outside and do something at least.

Abdul pointed at his red cheeks

Abdul: you most certainly are because your cheeks are blushing red Abhijeet so don’t lie to us, you are feeling very jealous inside aren’t you? if you even think about touching my camera again , I’ll kill you

Abhijeet: honestly, sometimes I begin to wonder why I should be a member of your gang.

Abhijeet(waving his finger gritting his teeth):  I don’t intend to be rude but please don’t make me repeat myself time and time again , understood? (phew) I’m glad that this matter has finally been well settled. So can we go now?

Everyone got up getting fed up of his intolerance including Rahul

RAHUL (fed up of further argument waving his whole hand aggressively in the air): why the hell should we take orders from you all the time when you just don’t listen to us? it’s so unfair, go away.

Abhijeet: Rahul, I hear you out but there’s only one word which springs to my mind which is yoink!

(and with these words he snatched Abdul’s camera and rushed fast on his feet to get far away from them as possible laughing to himself. He looked around to find a perfect place to hide it behind the vase but by then Abdul’s voice echoed across the hall which gave him the shock of his life making him move back with a guilty expression.

Abdul ( making an innocent face) : I suppose either way we won’t win because as it is Abhijeet, you happen to be the oldest of us all and we’re still like children to you. We shall obey you from now on Master Abhijeet.

(Abhijeet quickly changed his expression and gave a very satisfied look thinking he really has taught them a valuable lesson after all)

Abhijeet: since you apologised, I shall kindly hand back your camera with great pleasure.

(Abhijeet hands them the camera and then they laugh at him which made him give a puzzled look)

Abhijeet: can someone please explain the meaning of all this nonsense?

Abdul: I just don’t believe you Abhijeet, even though you’re the wisest in our group, yet you turn out to be so dumb to fall into the trap of our lies. Do you really take us to be fools that we would listen to a grumpy mourning old man such as yourself? I.n   y.o.u.r   d.r.e.a.m.s , goodbye.

(Abhijeet stopped them immediately)

Abhijeet: ok fair play guys and you win the challenge against me but seriously Abdul, I don’t feel that I get to spend more time with you since you guys go to IIT everyday. I feel it would be nice as a treat of you to take me with the others to see your big presentation as a treat and I promise I will never screw up again, please o pretty please.

(Abdul and the others thought if Abhijeet is so insistent on coming, it would only be fair to give him a second chance which Rahul disagreed with straightaway)

Rahul: have you guys lost it completely? This crazy lunatic will drive me around the bend by reciting his stupid poetry all over again and it will be me in the end who has to suffer, mark my words.

(Abdul gave him a friendly pat on the back to cheer him up)

Abdul: Rahul relax, if he specifically told us that he won’t let me down on my special day then I’m 100% sure that he would usually stick to it.

(Abhijeet patted Rahul too like a parent which made him feel embarrassed in front of his friends since they found it amusing)

Abhijeet: yeah Rahul my son, what Abdul is saying is absolutely right so I hope that you’re O.K. now?

Rahul(muttering angrily to Abhijeet): stop it and mind your age because you’re senior to me. How dare you call me your child in front of others? Thanks to you, I’ve now become “the laughing stock”.

(The men sat in the front of the audience facing Abdul at college, Rahul sat there sulking to himself since he had no other choice but to sit next to Abhijeet. When it was nearing the end of Abdul’s speech, Abhijeet got angry of what Abdul said about him so he got up and climbed up stage grabbing the microphone with his hands)

Abhijeet (snapping his teeth) : Abdul, now I see why Rahul held a serious complaint against you earlier and I for one stand by what he said for your words have offended me too. It’s not funny at all but rude so stop talking and let me do the further talking, I want your attention ladies and gentlemen. This is what life can be really like in IIT and my real opinion about Abdul.

Abdul( whispering to himself): kill me now

Abhijeet: IIT is like a cave of wonders,

Everyone wonders how their children get good grades when they come home and act like brats.

The staff are like humming birds,

They run around all day not knowing what’s happening behind their backs.

And as for Abdul the chameleon,

He changes his colours when you’re not looking so don’t you all be deceived by his innocent looks

He and his other friends are my trouble makers

(Deep voice) Be Aware! For I’m sure as there are angel students there are also lunatics amongst you (pointing at audience. He then gave the most childish grin showing his white shining teeth that dazzled the audience making them cover their eyes)

Ooh, there’s no need to blush for I know that I have the most beautiful turn of phrase. I’m pretty sure that you must be thinking by now “hey, why didn’t we pick the great Abhijeet when his sayings are so wise, so deeply touching that it always makes you cry.”

(Funnily enough it turned out to be the opposite of the situation for this time the audience felt hurt about the way he described IIT throwing bananas at the stage booing while Abhijeet takes a bow. The principal took Abdul to a corner warning him that if he doesn’t remove his mean friend off the stage then he most certainly will remove him from his life)


Abdul( feeling embarrassed and cross with Abhijeet): thanks to you , I’ve been told off on your behalf so I apologise to you for I never mean to hurt anyone of you, happy now? Let’s get out of here quickly before they turn me into a lemon too.


Abhijeet (standing with pride with his shoulders raised up): you see young man, that is the mind of a true genius , if you do such rubbish work in your youth then you’re bound to get knocked down at some point . Learn from the man who once knew it all.


(Rahul decided to go and complain to Abhijeet’s parents about his misbehaviour despite Abdul trying to stop him but Abhijeet was definitely smart enough to know that as far as his family was concerned, they never had a problem. Neither did the others for they just stood there chuckling away to glory silently standing in a corner like kids would in an ice cream shop knowing very well that the opposite always happens)


(Abhijeet ‘s parents opened the door pleased to see their son then gave a cross look to Rahul)


Abhijeet’s mother: Rahul, I hope that this isn’t another serious complaint against you from your friend otherwise I warn you sunny jim that you are dead meat.


Rahul ( giving a big gasp with his mouth wide open) I don’t believe this uncle and aunty , whenever I come to complain about your son , you always think I’m the predator and he’s the prey . I’m confident that today you will teach him a good lesson when I tell you that he’s been embarrassing the college and Abdul with his stupid sayings. Do you finally believe that we are innocent and he’s guilty?


(His parents gave him a big hug and congratulated him saying that his sayings are always like William Shakespeare and they all must have applauded for his wonderful speech and Rahul ought to learn something from him)


Rahul: learn from him my foot. The only thing that I have ever learnt from him is how to put up with him the whole day when I have to, goodnight and farewell.


Abhijeet’s parents: yes goodnight both of you and farewell to you too.


( Rahul covered his ears for he had to hear another lecture from Abhijeet as he repeated what his parents said about reciting his silly poetry all the way back home)


                                                                                         Chapter 2


(The very next morning, Ram, Akash , Tarun and Rohit woke up and snuck out of their bedroom to make sure the coast was clear and there was no sign of Abhijeet, with everyone else fast asleep in their own bedrooms. . The four of them did not get to play basketball outside on the field because of Abdul’s college presentation yesterday taking up all their time. Today is a bright sunny day so they knew very well that today was the perfect day to take advantage of their opportunity. They silently snuck towards the cupboard where the others always left the ball, when suddenly they jumped out of fright happening to see the sight of Rahul in front of their eyes)


Tarun(pointing at the other three in fright) dddon’t look at me , it was the other three who had the stupid idea of getting that ball out especially when it’s so early in the morning and when they’re meant to still be asleep like the others, I did my part in reasoning with them so it’s really them you should interrogate.


Akash: look, now stop acting like a sweet liar.


Tarun: really Akash? I can’t believe you wouldn’t trust your own friend.


(the four continued arguing until Rahul knew he had to take control of the situation)


Rahul: ok, ok relax you four because I know why you’ve come all the way here, to play basketball and so that Mr. Khadoos himself doesn’t come to know. Don’t worry, I’ll back you up if I sense any sort of trouble.


Abhijeet(from behind Rahul): excuse me guys, what’s going on?

(Rahul turns around and sees him)


Rahul: yes, do you have a problem which I can help you with?


Abhijeet: Rahul, the only problem at hand right now is you.


Rahul: what do you mean to say by that?


Abhijeet: my meaning is simple because firstly , they disturbed my morning sleep with their usual quarrelling and secondly, I heard you say that if I don’t let them play basketball, as if I’m scared of you and anyways , you’ll have to obey me because I’ll always be senior to you.


Rahul: ok, let me make two things clear for you to understand

  • you may be older but you’re not the boss of me but my one and only pain in the neck.
  • I think you’re being unfair by making too many rules.


Abhijeet: I have kindly listened to your two options and now you five shall hear my demand, now that you’re all awake, I suggest you brush your teeth and eat your breakfast because until then the answer is still no.


Rahul: dude, you’ve got to learn to chill out and be a bit more like me. It’s probably what’s best for you.


Abhijeet: ok, I will, as it is, I only don’t allow them because I think it would be right if they brush their teeth first. I’m a friend as well Rahul so I too can also give good advice, rest is your wishes.


Akash: no wait Abhijeet, don’t feel let down by your own friends because we’ll always obey you (facing his other three) won’t we?


Ram (facing Abhijeet and Akash): will the pair of you stop treating us like children please? Because it was only yesterday that I couldn’t help but overhear Abhijeet complain about Rahul.


Abhijeet: I so did not, Rahul, you are the witness to this.


Tarun and Rohit: yes you did, we heard you too.


Rahul (to Abhijeet): give me a reason as to why I should believe you and not them? You just did something silly today and are the witness yourself which was to stop us playing basketball for a very silly reason.


Abhijeet: I would be a monkey’s uncle now if I were to believe that you were always sensible because it’s clear to me now that when the time comes for you to be mature, you’ll behave like a child and you grow up at the wrong times, I can see already that you’re too unbelievable to be called a grown up man.


Rahul (ignoring him with arms folded): whatever you say Mr. Khadoos.


Akash: I know Abhijeet is right because you three are making stuff up like you always do so that you can get away with playing basketball whilst they have their argument, don’t think I don’t notice because I’m cleverer than you.


Abhijeet: well done Akash! He scores and you four lose.


(the four walk away sulking, realising that they had no other option. Ram was arguing with Akash while brushing his teeth whilst the others were still brushing but with a frown)


Ram: I don’t see the joy as to what you’re trying to gain by being Abhijeet’s no.1 pet all the time? Would you answer us once you’ve finished?


(Akash had already finished brushing his teeth and rinsed his mouth in one minute to come down for his breakfast early ignoring Ram’s question)


Ram, Tarun and Rohit (together): oh well,

Tarun: let Akash do what he feels is right for him and so will we.


(to their astonishment, they found out that Abhijeet had already finished his shower and was throwing the ball at the hoops along with Akash and Abdul. The other 4 got dressed into nice smart clothes but still hadn’t taken a bath)


Rahul(looking puzzled): I don’t get it Abhijeet


Abhijeet: the reason is simple, it’s because I only wanted you to be clean. I don’t want you to have bad breath

on me. You’re clean so let’s play.


(Gopi couldn’t help but suddenly be awoken by their loud commotions so he opened the door and starts to run downstairs, he stops suddenly and remembers Abhijeet would tell him off, he turns around and runs back to the bathroom to brush his teeth quickly.)

Gopi: guys, what’s up with you? I mean , I couldn’t help but hear you three (pointing at Tarun , Rohit and Ram making a big issue out of something very small? Look, I wake up late always but does Sir Abhijeet tell me off ? no he doesn’t and as it happens, we share a room together.

Rahul, Akash and Abdul( whispering to themselves): yeah right, sure he is a fair person, our foot!

Abhijeet(turns around looking like a real hothead): what did you just say about me just now? I hope it wasn’t anything mean because if it was, I will stop you from playing basketball by using my powers again.

Rahul, Akash , Abdul: nothing

Rahul(whispering to Tarun , Ram and Rohit): when I said to you three that I’m on your side, I didn’t really mean it because even though you see me argue with Abhijeet everyday, I often know him well like I did today when I did a bit of drama and as it happens , I could play basketball before you guys anyway   so I’m sorry to say that you fell for the oldest trick in the book. We both think alike a lot as it is.

Tarun , Ram, Rohit: WHAT?





                                               Chapter 3

(It was early in the morning when Abhijeet and Rahul woke up much before the others, packed their suitcases for their trip to Italy. The others were called down as well for a special meeting that was announced by Abhijeet. Everyone gazed in wonder as they came downstairs still in their nighties as it seemed very odd that Abhijeet woke up on time, he usually won’t let the others wake up until the sun completely shines)


Abhijeet: listen up you guys I’m going to make an announcement (ahem) would you like to come to Italy with me and Rahul?

(but before they could reply, Rahul interrupted)

Rahul: no Abhijeet , these guys cannot come because I know what a vacation for them means which is to wind me up.

(the friends: oh! Come on!)

Rahul: you people act like little children, I’m going on holiday to have break from you. Do you have a problem with that as well?

The friends : oh! ok

Abhijeet: In that case, Akash, I want you to keep a close eye on them because I know that sometimes they might annoy each other or get into a bit of a tiff.

Rahul: I’m sorry if you felt bad about my decision but Akash , I must warn you as well that if they do plan to have a party that they shouldn’t go in my room because I can never trust them with the amount of sound they can make while watching a film.

Abdul: and what’s the guarantee that he’ll listen to you as well?

Rahul(irritated): never mind.

(whilst the two left , Akash stood in front of them like a commander)

Akash: you heard Abhijeet , I have to keep my eye on you to make sure you behave yourselves.

Gopi: we all heard what he said , that you should be chosen to be our special prefect throughout the day and we also know the reason behind it very well which is that you are more mature than us.

Akash: thanks a lot for the explanation Gopi, I really appreciate that. I too want to have the same amount of peace so it would be great if you can promise me?

The friends: yes we can

(the friends threw a chocolate pie in his face and burst out with laughter. They played cricket out on the field including Akash who was just standing there watching them in the boiling hot sun)

Tarun: Gopi , this is not how it’s played, you can’t just hit the balls and take runs whenever you please.

Gopi: I will play cricket my own way because I’m better at it.

Ram: better in what way?

Gopi(to Ram): try bowling me again.

(Ram bowled to Gopi and he hit the ball so hard, it landed on Akash’s left eye which made everyone laugh.)

Akash: it’s not funny.

(Later on Ram, Tarun and Rohit were in their room arguing about what dinner they had each planned to eat and whose right it was to choose so that they could all reach to the same conclusion. Abdul who noticed them arguing for hours from being afar knew exactly how to cheer them up so he simply came upto them and replied)

Abdul: I’ll always be one step ahead because I already ordered fresh pizza online suckers. Anyway, getting back to the big picture, I’m thinking that since it’s our party, we have a pizza club in Rahul’s bedroom watching a movie. What do you have to say about that?

Ram: gosh! We haven’t done that in years but it does seem like a cool idea, do the rest of you agree with me?

Abdul: yup, let’s go with that idea

Akash: you guys will never learn will you? Rahul specifically made it clear that there will be no party in his room.

Abdul: you’re right and I know how to resolve this.

Akash: how?

(Abdul throws chocolate pie again on his forehead)

(Tarun and Rohit praise Abdul while Gopi shook his head)

Akash: Gopi , don’t try to act innocent because I know you’re involved in their gang as well because firstly you hit me with a ball which unfortunately left me with a black eye as a reward and now this mess. What more could you possibly have in store that could ruin my life?

Gopi : to get rid of you as our final mission.

Akash: really? But of course Gopi, only a genius like you can come up with an idea like that .

Gopi(angry); come off it Akash, you never understood my sarcasm. You have always been like this by playing the blame game on anybody. I’m stunned that someone sensible like you would start doubting me too when you’ve know me for 18 years.

Akash: oops! I’m sorry but as for the rest of you…

(the others walk out of the room before Akash can finish what he is saying.)

(A minute later, Akash came to check whether Gopi has managed to handle the situation in Rahul’s room trusting that he would be the sensible one but in return found that their pizza was stuck on the floor and saw them chewing the rest of the bits. Seeing this made Akash stunned.)

Akash: just unbelievably pathetic Gopi, I thought I could at least trust you but in return I find that you too turn out to be like the rest of them so as a reasonable punishment to be fair on the others , I only order Gopi to clean up this mess right at once by the time I get back.

The others: thank heavens, at least this time we didn’t turn out to be the culprit.

Akash: since when did I set the rest of you free from your duties? You joined him in this silly trick so I feel the lesson should be made equal, you will put the stuff that he picks up into the bin.

The others: oooh! Gopi, usually you’re the wise old owl when it comes to tricky situations.

Find a solution out of this one quickly.

(Gopi threw the pizza on Akash’s face whilst facing the screen leaving the others chuckling)


Gopi: you said that we should clean up the mess didn’t you? That’s precisely what we’re doing.

(Akash came and grabbed the remote from Gopi’s hand and switched the TV off)

Akash: right, that settles it, now let’s see who has the guts to turn the TV on again in front of me.

(they still chuckled)

Akash: what could possibly be funny this time? I won the battle. Get back to work.

Tarun (pointing at Akash’s hand) are you sure about that?

(Akash didn’t notice that his hand was glued to the remote and was thinking that he finally got their attention which means that they couldn’t escape his orders blocking the tv)

Akash: right you guys, now that I’ve finally managed to get your attention, listen to me when I say get back to doing what you’re supposed to do.

(They chuckled)


Akash: what in god’s name is so hilarious now? You cannot laugh to save your breath so do what you’re supposed to.

Rohit: Akash, this is what I love the most about you, even at times of crisis, you still turn out to be the laughing stock of the century.

Akash: what do you mean by that?

Rohit: do I have to spell it out to you Akash? Have you turned out to be so dumb that you yourself cannot feel that your hand is glued to the remote?

Akash: WHAT?

(Akash tried to take it off but couldn’t since it was tightly stuck couldn’t move an inch so he bit it real hard then screamed because it hurt so much that he went rolling back till he fell flat on the floor. They laughed at him)






(Akash realised his two big mistakes that he shouldn’t make too many rules and secondly that the greatest joy in life is to have fun otherwise he’ll lose his friends forever who he’s stuck with for so many years through their ups and downs . Akash apologises to everyone and joins in the party as well and throws pizza in the ceiling and at one of the boy’s face.)

Rohit: Akash, what the hell is wrong with you? why would a sensible person throw pizza on the ceiling and on my face?

Akash(smiles shrugging) : oh well, big deal, like you said , we are adults so if you can throw pie in my face for a day then why can’t I? and besides the pizza in the ceiling is no longer my concern but Abhijeet’s for when he asks me who is responsible for this mess , I’ll just pretend to not know.

(everyone laughs at his silly joke and picks him up for a celebration since he was always their best friend.)


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