Samuel L

Samuel L

I have been coming to Post19 since 2016.

I have worked in the shop helping organise stock. I make sure the stock is good enough to sell in the shop and we count all the cards and stuff for audits. It gives me a purpose and Enterprise19 is a nice place to work. I have done some work experience before but this is better because I do tasks that I can do and the staff are always really supportive and kind.

I really like making art. I watch TV and films, I watched Call the Midwife, it’s really sad but I like it. I go swimming. I like riding my bike sometimes.

I am a friendly and chatty person. I care about other people. I am understanding, and I am very independent!

I think Enterprise19 is about showing the community what people with disabilities can do, and putting ourselves out into the world. We’re not just going to sit around and do nothing in life.


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