Chloe's Top 10 TV Shows

Teen Wolf

I love Teen Wolf. It’s a mythical story based around werewolves. They are my favorite monster. The story has other characters as well. I really liked the Michael Fox’s film Teen Wolf. So when I saw a new show called Teen Wolf on Netflix I checked it out. Only the name was the same, the stories were totally different but I love it all the same.  


I love Supernatural. It’s good because it’s a fictional story about two brothers hunting evil monsters and trying to solve the murders of their loved ones. Me and my sister was watching CWTV and an advert for Supernatural came on. We really liked the look of it  and we were excited for the show. I can't believe it has thirteen seasons, it’s crazy, but all the more for their fans!


The Walking Dead 

I really love The Walking Dead. It’s set in a zombie apocalypse. I like the drama and the character development and the storyline. It's very good, it’s gory but I don't watch it for that, I love the characters. I heard about it from some of the people at Post19.  

I never know a crossbow was the best weapon for a zombie apocalypse. Honorable mention to the samurai sword.

Once Upon A Time

I really like Once Upon A Time. It’s a show with lots of different fairy tale characters and stories told in a completely different way. I love the way they designed Hook in Once Upon A Time, it’s a bit moden but it fits in well. I was flicking through the TV channels and saw a bit of Once Upon A Time and had to find out more.


I like Grimm, it’s loosely based around the Brothers Grimm stories and I really liked the books. In the show there are magical creatures called wesen. It’s a murder mystery story. My sister was on Netflix and she told me and my Mum about it. All the different kinds of wesen are crazy cool, I like the leopard and owl wesen, but I'm scared of the bug wesen big time.

Stranger Things

I love Sci-Fi and Stranger Things is another world sci-fi story about four kids that face a paranormal world invading their own world and trying to stay alive and save everyone. We have heard lots of good things about this show. And I’m glad I got on the stranger side of things.  


The Flash and The Arrow

The Flash and The Arrow have their own shows and also have a show together. I love The Flash, it’s a great comic so when the show came out I had to see it. The DC comics did a good job and the show was great too. The Arrow is one of my favorite DC comics and the tv show is great. I love the characters.


Being Human

Being Human is a story about three different monsters living in a house together. A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. It’s crazy to think about but very cool. They fight the odds and their own inner demons. I love monster stories. I heard about it from a friend from college.   


Death in Paradise

I like Death In Paradise, it’s a murder mystery show. My sister loves this show and she introduced it to me and my Mum. I like trying to solve the mystery before the characters do. I normally don't like this sort of show, but I really like this one.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I usually prefer werewolves to vampires but this show I like. It’s about a young girl that hunts vampires with the help of her friends and has to save Sunnydale. She falls in love with a vampire and has to decide the right road to take. I know about this show through my sister.  

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