Chloe's Top 10 TV Characters

Daryl Dixon from 'The Walking Dead'

He is one of the main characters in The Walking Dead. His life was a troubled one. He is damaged from his life with his family, he is withdrawn at first but he learns to gradually trust the group. I love the way he is always is there when people in the group need him. Rick is in good company. Daryl  never lies, he will talk right to your face and he doesn’t talk behind your back. His skills at hunting and tracking are greatly needed, he spends a lot of time looking for people and he finds what he is tracking most of the time. His archery skills are on point. I have never seen him miss a target, human or walker, and his help is full appreciated by the rest of the group. Rick Grimes thinks of him as a brother. Daryl’s own brother Merle is a bad influence on him, but now after spending time with Rick and the group he is different person. I love Daryl, the redneck softy.

Derek Hale from 'Teen Wolf'

He was born a werewolf. He tried to be kind hearted, but his family was all killed in a house fire. His first love was bitten so he killed her out of kindness and to stop her pain. He was always angry, but he could focus his power through anger. He made his own pack. He lost most of them to his rival Scott, or death, and he soon learned that his brash behaviour was not the way. All he cared about was being the Alpha, but he realised together is better, so he teams up with Scott for the pack to survive. Most things he does are for the greater good but it sometimes doesn't work out. I love Derek’s drive to try to do what is right, even if an army is stronger his will to fight is greater than any enemy that threatens his pack. I have alway loved werewolves, and Derek is my number one blue-eyed big furry bad boy.  

Dean Winchester from 'Supernatural'

The older brother to Sam Winchester, Dean is at war with himself. He struggles to go down the right road. He tries to save Sam and listen to his father, but he need to find his own way of doing things. He always makes me laugh with his quick wit and facial expressions. His bravery in the face of death (literally, death) is insane. Dean tried to trap death. Crazy, cool, strong-willed, passionate. Four words I would use when describing Dean. His choice in music and cars is the freaking best. And he can kick monster ass like a boss. His humour is on point . He can pull me in with those beautiful entrancing eyes, he is my ideal man, bad boy, hot head, dream boat. “Saving people, hunting things, the family business” is my favourite Dean line.  

Killian Jones from 'Once Upon A Time'

Killian embodies the perfect pirate. He is Captain Hook, full of fight, passion, bitterness to what he can't have, and vengefulness to the crocodile. I love him, he make me believe pirates rule the ocean. He definitely has the pirate ways and code, he fights for his pride. When he meets Emma it all changes. Our vengeful pirate with a black heart melts and he only wants to be a better person for her. He never stops until she is safe and he is finally with her. He has faced the strongest villains, even though he once was a villain himself. He brings out all the light and shows Emma that he can change for her. His ship the Jolly Roger is so epic. I like the way Once Upon A Time tells Hook’s story and the way his style is a bit more modern. Every eyebrow lift and lip bite grabs my attention. The mischievous and fun side are enjoyable to watch.

The Punisher from 'The Punisher'

After the brutal massacre of his family at the Carousel he goes on the warpath to kill all the people involved in the massacre. He was in the army and he finds out the undercover Cop he killed in Afghanistan was linked to the four gangs involved in the the Carousel massacre. He uses all the skills he learned in the army to track down bad people and put them down permanently. I  respect his strong resolve to fight the tide and take the hate and pain and face his actions with no regrets and tacks it on the chin. His will is powerful he survives for the people he cars and fighting the darkness and saving the innocent. But the way he does things is against the lore and he gets the worlds hate and full forms of punishment. Frank is not a monster he is a man doing what need to be done he takes the steps of no return and he eradicates the evil so  more people can sleep at night with less murders and drug dealers and getting the poison of scumbags off the streets. I don't think killing is the way we can’t play god but I also think saving the innocent is right. It’s not clear what the right thing is but I believe in Frank’s wanting justice even if that means Franks hands get dirty. His own style and his skills with weapons is pretty epic he is very attractive and some one I have grown to love forever.

Oliver Queen from 'Green Arrow'

Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow he has a rich father and family wealth and the name Queen in the business industry. Oliver was a young rich boy with no worries and he didn't really think about other people.  His happiness was his main focus. One day Oliver and his girlfriend and his father go on a cruise and a storm hits. Oliver and his father get shipwrecked on an island and only Oliver survived the harsh island elements and almost starving to death. Also on the island an assassin called Deathstroke who trained Oliver in martial arts. Oliver changes from a rich kid with no cares in the world to a well trained fighter with true honour and the power to help others and save his city with balance of  mind and the skills to use a bow with the accuracy of an assassin. He finally becomes the hero his father said he was all along. I was not a fan of Oliver at first but when he finally did what is right and did something for someone else I could see the real Oliver under the fake mask. And I love Oliver and the Green Arrow. He has a hard time balancing both lives but I believe in his ideas of the right way to fight for his city. And his ideas when fighting his enemies and even himself on some days. To face himself and then do what is right from the many over himself. He has made lots of choices he didn't want to make but I think he did the right thing and I love him for it. It’s not an easy thing to do and I will always respect him for it.

John Constantine from 'Constantine'

John Constantine a master of the dark arts even though he hates being called that. ‘Petty Dabbler’ is the title he calls himself. He is one of the best with demon summoning. His father was a abusive dad and his mother died giving birth to him. He started with spells and dark magic to bring her back. I do love his quick wit and his knack of angering everyone with his boy charm. He has a ‘doesn’t give a flying monkeys’ attitude towards everything. He knows his way around most curses especially when it's personal. His pride gets in the way at times but it does backfire on him and he falls into trouble nearly around every corner. What is the most impressive thing about him is his knack of getting out of it all most unscathed. He gets tangled up in his own morals but I think everyone can make mistakes, it's how you fix it that is the most important thing. And John can do it, he pulls the winning hand out at the last moment like a boss. And his whole vibe is interesting, he is a wonder to watch. I love the strong and dangerous types, John is my kind of guy.

Monroe from 'Grimm'

Monroe is a Blutbad, a type of Wesen. He has a great love for clocks. He repairs clocks for a living. He tries to hide that he is a Blutbad from humans but he was found by young Grimm. He thought the Grimm was there to kill him but the Grimm was not a wesen killer, he was a Cop. Grimms for hundred centuries have killed all Wesen but this Grimm is very different, instead they become very good friends. Monroe is a reliable person and has plenty of brains and is full of strength and keeps strong when his Wesen instincts try to take over. He has composure in the face diversity and will help his friends out at his own risk. He does what is right even when everything is trying to prove him wrong. He believes that everyone has a chance to be what they want to be and who they choose to be with. He has proved time and time again, intelligence is more powerful than rage and hate and vengeance. At times when he almost  gives in to revenge he pulls it together and does the right thing. Even when two of his friends are murdered and he is full of hatred and wants to rip them apart but instead he uses justice to put the murderer in prison. Blutbad are hated for centuries by other Wesen but I don’t see why anyone would hate Monroe. He is vegan and kind. Some people think he looks like a monster so he must be a real monster, I hate people who can't see the true soul in the appearance of someone different. I would love to have Monroe as a friend definitely.

The Flash from 'The Flash'

The Flash is a young hero who has no idea what happened to him. AN accident turned his life around and he had the power to save people and make a difference. He desperately tries to change the past  and go to other worlds and learn just how fast he can really go and to be free to make his own path. And maybe have a chance with the girl he loves. He quickly learns he can't change the past without destroying the future. He has to decide what to lose and what to keep hold of and when to give up if what he wants to save the world. Making the choice to save the many over the one is just one of the hardest things Barry has to face. The complexity for having the power to do something but Barry can't make the right decision all the time but I know he did what he thought was right. And his longing for the truth is so strong. I love his smile and humour to cheer his friends up when needed. He is the fastest man alive but he is still only human.

Steve Harrington from 'Stranger Things'

Steve Harrington  is not originally what I thought he was. A typical Jock, he was such a ass to other people in school because he was the popular guy. He thought he could get away with anything and bully others. Then it all fell apart and his life turned upside down, he lost his  girlfriend. And he had a real taste of the unknown and real fear then suddenly he changed and he did what I never expected. Even when he lost his girlfriend. He had a sense of responsibility to her and stayed with the group without being asked. He did it all for the young ones who needed help and protected the kids with his life and he did it all for someone else. I could not help it I fell for him. He got nothing in return. But gradually got the respect of the kids and made good friends and became like a older brother to the group. My original thought there so wrong. He always was a young hero that was lost until he found something to fight for. We all need a older brother like Steve.  


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