My Favourite 10 Games on Playstation


1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

An exciting adventure and discovery game with the unknown ahead. Fight your own way through uncharted places and see beautiful landscapes, incredible discoveries, lost cities and treasure maps all lost in time. You can achieve the unachievable. Fun movie clips, an exciting story and great characters with unforgettable moments.

2. Last Of Us

Life itself hangs in the balance. A thrilling game, a mad world with both infected human and non-human danger around every corner. Stand up for humanity and save the innocent. Be the world's last hope and stop what people have done to the world. You need to push through to be a real survivor. An incredible story featuring lots of suspense and jumps with a group of amazing likeable characters.

3. DMC

Devil May Cry series Game DMC character Dante play through a different story in Dante’s life and get the power of both a Demon and an Angel. Kill your way to victory in style with the badass classic weapons, Dante's sword and guns. Switch it up with an Angel blade or Demon hammer smash your way to the big bad. Unlock your past and discover all the reasons why you have this great power. An interesting story with dark villains and funny moments. Cool movie clips, good graphics and crazy world of limbo.  

4. Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil most story and zombie packed game see the world in plagued with a new type of zombie like Ustanak, J’vao, C-virus Zombie, Lepotica, HAOS, Ogroman, Ubistvo, Complete Mutant and more all scary unek with different creepy tricks to trap you and the most frightening boss fight you can imagine. Multiplayer and online shooting epic fights with the characters you love: Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Sherry Birkin, with some new characters to get to know and new story lines to see. Amazing moments, feel like a hero.  

5. Assassin's Creed Unity

Paris 1789 is where the story begins. Play through the game of assassinations and villainy. See the French Revolution starting with soldiers burning the path through this unfair and self righteous acts from the government which made  the people stand against them but they need help with your symbol of hope and justice for the people you stop the evil and corrupt leaders of both sides and mack hard choices. Action and powerful moving acts of justice prevail.

6. Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain

Intense mission based game with great skills. Using grade A weapons you alone can fight the battle with your army backing you up with the help of your trusted dog, DD. The legend Big Boss stopping skull face and his evil plans and his hidden weapon. A great adventure with a gripping storyline and interesting characters. Magical music and good tracks from the old tape-player. The Metal Gear Solid story continues in an epic game fans will enjoy.   

7. Witcher Wild Hunt

In a place of magic and madness, set in the dark ages, when all kinds of monsters plague the land. There is a great need for a monster hunter. You have the will and the skills to slay any monster and collected all the kills. In your adventures you decide the path you take. You can decide the fate of others with your actions. Your quests and treacher hunting gives you more power and gear to defeat monsters on higher levels.

8.Mass Effect Andromeda

A space adventure, open-world travel game through the stars. Chart your course through the galaxies with your amazing crew, each with a different skill set. Be a hero to the universe, interact with your crew, make friends and maybe find a partner. Make your decisions and help all kinds of human and alien species. Fight with amazing weapons and cool armour. Fight the Kett army, adventure with the freedom to explore and talk to other interesting characters and build a relationship or friendship. 

9. Infamous Second Son

Be a rebel teen with the amazing ability of Smok Neo and Sment Light powers. Fight for good or evil you choose how are going to be. Family is what pushes you to act on a promise to save your home face the odds and stop the up-risers that don't understand the new would need people just like you. Surprising twists and an inspiring story with lovable characters.

10. For Honor

A guts and glory war game where you travel through battlefields fighting every opponent to win the power and honour to be the best. Fight for you own reasons and take back what is taken from you. Plan strategies and destroy your enemies in the war to win all wars. Also features an online mode where you fight other players in a bloody battlefield.


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