Australian Bushfire Reaction


It was a welcome return for all of us, back from the Christmas holidays. We welcomed in the new year, and a brand new decade. Unfortunately, we were saddened by the news of the horrendous bush fires, tearing through large parts of Australia. We were especially upset by the effect of the bush fires on the Australian wildlife, most notably koalas and kangaroos. 

We discussed with each other on how we could help in any way possible. We decided that we should design a few products, with the profits donated to the wildlife charity, WWF. The designs contain the Australian flag, and were printed onto some mug templates. The hope was that people could view this on social media, and give some positive feedback.


We’ve had a really great response to the Australia mug, it feels like people are touched by our compassion towards those who’ve suffered badly. It really gives us a sense of pride that we’re doing some good in the world. Hopefully through our generosity and kindness, we’ve shown that we care about the impact of the bushfires on the natural environment.

So far we've raised £65, and would love to have your support for the charity.


Hope you enjoyed my blog,

Alex Vaux


To purchase the 'Love For Australia' Mug please follow the link below:

To find out more about the bush fires in Australia please follow the links below:

To make a donation to the WWF please follow the link below:

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