Christmas Preparation: Behind The Scenes

behind the scences christmas

The beginning of September has been an extremely busy time for us, with us gearing up for the Christmas rush already. Can you believe it all started way back in July, when we were preparing the Wise Words calendars to be sent off to the printers?

We decided on a nice Wise Words variation, and a grumpy Wise Words variation, before going off for the summer. After coming back from the holidays, we finalised the designs, and made sure that they were of a good quality. I drew two designs including: a depressed sloth for September, and an angry dog wearing a Christmas hat for November. Both drawings were used for the grumpy Wise Words one. Also used was my leprechaun drawing I did a while back, this is included in the nice Wise Words calendar.

Eat Your Greens Design

Next on the agenda was the new Christmas card range, all these designs feature my “Vauxie” font in some form or another. We decided to sell these in multipacks, as this will sell better to the public.

We also had on the agenda, wrapping paper, personalised mugs, pocket mirrors, notebooks, tote bags, and tea towels.

Alex V With Frog Tote Bag

I went out on a few occasions with Steve, one of the staff at enterprise19, and a few other guys, driving around to visit the various local garden centres, and farm shops. We were there to pitch ourselves to them, and give them an idea of the products we produce, and how e19 was set up.

The textiles group have helped us with the production process by making stocking fillers such as: Christmas bunting and fabric advent calendars.

Textile Group At Work

The carpentry group were involved as well by creating the candle holders.

Using The Sanders In Woodwork

Finished Tea Light Holder With Cactus Candles

Varnishing The Tea Light Holders

All in all this month has been pretty hectic and busy throughout, ya’ know!

Written By,

Alex Vaux

(p.s. check out my work here!)

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  • Deena Diffey on

    Hi will you be having anymore candle holders and words about Christmas (not the grumpy ones) Thank you

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