ABOUT US (Katies test version)

 For young people with disabilities who desperately want to leave their mark, contribute to their communities and live their life to the fullest, this is a huge issue. We know this because we work with them everyday at Post19, encouraging and supporting them to think bigger and better.

For the people within their communities who could tap into this amazing potential but miss out, it's also an issue.

So we decided to make a change. How to use the skills our staff at Post19 have. How to use the skills our young adults attending Post19 have. How to achieve the things we know we can do without worrying about the things we think we can’t.

 We, enterprise19, are the change!

We provide young adults the opportunity to gain positive experiences in areas from Commercial Art, to Woodwork, to Web Design.

To develop skills to take to the next level. To nurture new expertise.

By giving young people with disabilities the platform to develop the confidence to make a contribution to their community.

To find work. To live independent lives. To aim for the stars.

By raising awareness within our local communities so they too can recognise the potential that we see. By working with other local organisations to support each other’s aims.

To give more opportunities. To better understand people with a disability. To work together.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to take their creativity in whatever direction they so desire. We hope you feel the same.

We are proud of the products we create and the process we follow to create them. We think it makes us stand out. By being ourselves. And we want you to join us on this journey of opportunity. Sometimes we might get it right. Sometimes we might get it wrong.

Be a part of something bigger and stand out with us. By spreading the word. By telling all your friends about us. By visiting our website. By signing up to our emails. By commenting on our social media. By engaging with us. By asking us questions. We all want to communicate with each other. And if you see a product you like, buy it.

And provide everyone involved with just a little more joy.