Alex V

I’ve been at Post19 since September 2016. I was in Red Group to begin with, but now I’m in the shop group.

My hobbies involve watching movies, especially action films, listening to music, walking and playing golf. I would describe myself as quiet, friendly and kind. I can be quite cheeky, and I have a surprisingly dark sense of humour… I’m polite, and very hard working.

My job role is a Shop Assistant. I help out in many different areas of the shop, from counting stock to updating this website. I also use Facebook to post content, create hashtags and plan product descriptions. I enjoy my job because it gives me a chance to learn new skills. I have done some work experience before with The British Heart Foundation, I stacked CDs and DVDs and things like that. Enterprise19 is different because it’s specifically for people with learning disabilities, if this didn’t exist then how in the future would a lot of us be able to get jobs and careers?

I think enterprise19 is about showing people how to run a business. It gives people with disabilities a chance to find out what it’s like in the world of work, how difficult it can be, and it’s good at bringing out people’s skills. 

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