Art Exhibition Poster Design

Every year, our young artists at Post19 contribute artwork to the Unseen Artists Exhibition, held annually at The Farnham Maltings and supported by Farnham Town Council. This year, we were delighted to be asked, as a newly formed Design Group, to Create the promotional materials for the exhibition including Posters, Signage and flyers. Our young designers accepted the challenge of course and responded with their usual enthusiasm.

We brainstormed ideas and decided that Unseen Art could be represented by 'something very colourful in the background, concealed by something very dark in the foreground' and so we allocated some tasks to our artists...

Joseph is particularly good at Jackson Pollock-esque abstract expressionism. Or as we call it, splatty hand print art. He had a glorious art session working hand on hand with his helper, Chris to flick, splat and print bright colours across the whole of his page. And the table. And the floor. And himself. But hey - it was so. much. FUN.

Charlotte, Lyndon, Andrew, Barney and Maria were in charge of the dark doodles. They swirled and doodled, dotted and scribbled with great gusto and we had plenty of fabulous black and white artwork at the end of the session ready to hand over to our graphic designers.

Finlay, our trainee designer, took over from there. He learnt to open Photoshop and add some layers to a document. He very carefully read and typed out the text that our client, Graham, had sent to us including all the information needed on the poster and he learnt lots about typography whilst he worked.

The final Poster was well received by our client and all our participants learnt a lot, gained confidence and had fun creating it. We are looking forward to seeing it all around Farnham, advertising a truly wonderful, local community Arts event.