Chloe G

I have been coming to Post19 for around 5 or 6 years, since it started.

I am in the shop group now and my role is a shop assistant. In my job I come up with ideas for the shop and the items we sell on the site and manage web sales. I email customers and do market research. Sometimes it is hard to do the job every day, but I enjoy being creative. I have done work experience before but not enjoyed it. At Enterprise19 the staff help me when I’m not sure about something, and I can be myself here.

I enjoy collecting anime and manga, books and figurines. I like playing sports, gaming, going to conventions. I watch lots of films and TV shows, and I love all kinds of art and music. I also really like animals.

I have a good sense of humour and I like talking to people. I don’t let people mess me around. I am straightforward, I hate lying. I like hearing about other people’s hobbies. I can get tired and grumpy, but I am very passionate. I try to be kind.

I think Enterprise19 is about helping young people learn how to deal with work life, working on teamwork and social skills. And it’s about making sales and making money!

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