design19 logoWe are now proud to be able to offer a Graphic Design Service to our local community. Our team of artists and designers can create products for you and your local business / group / charity at very reasonable rates. Do get in touch for a discussion on how we can help you with our community based design service.

At enterprise19 we run bespoke tuition sessions for our Post19 young adults in a more specific skillset that they might not be able to access otherwise, which could help prepare them for future employment.

We offer both group and one on one training in graphic design, layout, typography, graphic illustration, photography and software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Our participants are then able, under supervision from a professional designer, to create their own ranges of designs for our enterprise19 store as well as creating their own graphic novels and books. Classes are tailored to suit individuals interests as well as abilities.