Designing for the Farnham Museum

It is an important element of what we offer at Design19, that our young designers have the opportunity to work on 'live' projects, for real clients, so that they follow a real brief from the beginning through to conclusion and presentation, learning all the skills required along the way that Graphic Designers out there in the 'real world' use. 

Whilst this may mean the obvious skills such as illustration, image manipulation and typography - of equal importance are the people skills required to work for a client. Communication skills can be a challenge for some of our participants and so the opportunity to meet with new people, take a brief, hold a conversation and then maintain a professional relationship via update emails and phone calls, is a massive challenge that we can take on board, tackle, and accomplish as we work.

We approached the Farnham Museum to see if we could collaborate on a series of products for their gift shop, based upon the museum itself. Our Post19 artists researched and sketched various points of interest from around Farnham and after some experimentation decided the clearest media to use would be black and white line art.

Christopher came up with a particularly brilliant set of illustrations of buildings around Farnham, which we discussed as a group and decided would be the most appropriate to make into a template for a Mug Design and greetings Card.

The Graphic Designers took over and created colourful backgrounds and incorporated the Farnham Museum logo into Christophers design.

The production team then took the design and created a series of gift mugs, in four different colourways, packaged in our own distinct, bespoke gift boxes. 

The project has so far, been a success and the process is hugely rewarding for our participating young adults and we hope to extend our offering to the museum and other institutions and continue the good work in the future.

Watch this space!   :-)