Joe O'R - Stock Assistant

I have been coming to Post19 since September 2017, I am in Red group. My job in the shop is a stock assistant. I go to Hurlands on a Friday afternoon sometimes. I count products like mosaics and cards, I sort the cards into different piles like ‘Christmas’ and ‘Romantic’. I like my job, I like looking at the things people have made, especially the cards. The art is really good. I used to sort clothes out at Sainsburys, it was the same sort of thing.

I like music, especially 80s music and I like watching Youtube. I like shopping in charity shops with my dad and I like playing ball with Rosie my sister.

I am a happy person and hard working.

I think Enterprise19 is about selling things made by people at Post19 and giving people at Post19 work experience.


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