Kellie T - Stock assistant

I started at Post19 in September 2017, I was in Yellow group when I first started but I moved into Pathways in January when I started working in the shop.

I like music, my favourite is Britney Spears. I like 90s pop music the most. I like relaxing with my iPad in my bed, and just chilling out. I am happy and kind person, I like being helpful. I’m quite cheeky and I have a good sense of humour.

My job role is a Stock Assistant and I help out on Tuesday afternoons. We do packaging, check all the stock, do counting for stock audits. I make sure everything is ready when people order things. I enjoy working in the shop, I really like helping people. I have done work experience before, I used to work in a cafe making teas and coffees.

I think Enterprise19 is about helping disabled people with work experience. It’s about building my confidence.

I am very happy.


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