Media at Post19


Social Media and Newsletter: Fran Fry

Media: Ewan Dakers


At Post19 we offer sessions covering use of social media on both a personal and professional level. We aim to work on various areas of interest, from appropriate and safe use of personal social media to managing the public social media of both Post19 and enterprise19. Sessions have different focuses throughout the week. For example in one session, we work on blogging, encouraging both literacy and social skills. Part of the work experience programme at enterprise19 is based around learning social media skills and using them in a commercial way for marketing and publicity.


We also offer a session dedicated to the creation of our half-termly newsletter Rockstar19. Those participating in the session take on an editorial role, making decisions about style and content, and then create the content themselves. This both builds on basic literacy skills and allows the team to explore a number of different styles of writing, from articles to interviews to creative writing.