Stock Management

Stock management is one of the key functions of any retail company and enterprise19 is no different. Stock management is required on a daily basis and our stock assistants are always prepared to fulfil orders (unless it’s the weekend or there’s a holiday!)

enterprise19 currently has five stock assistants who are supported to perform a wide range of tasks that provide real world experience of the role, including:

  • Receiving deliveries and checking them for defects.
  • Entering new products onto the stock management computer system.
  • Labelling and storing products safely and appropriately.
  • Tracking product inventory daily and participating in monthly inventory audits.
  • Creating mugs to order.
  • Packaging orders to keep products safe and taking them to the post office for delivery.

Our goal is to develop the skills that will allow our stock assistants to thrive in mainstream employment and the opportunities to put them into practice in a realistic setting.