Susy RDP

I have been coming to Post19 since September 2017.

I was six when I moved to the UK, I’m from Cuba originally. I miss it a lot, the food, the culture, the telenovellas! I miss being with my family, especially my dad. It’s very different here, but I do like it.

I like singing, country music is great! I love Lady Antebellum. I like dancing Salsa with my mum as well. I watch a lot of TV, I love Eastenders. And I love going out for Indian food!

I am a cheerful and happy person. I am helpful and kind. And I’m special… don’t forget it! Just because I have special needs, doesn’t mean I’m any different.

I am a Shop Assistant for Enterprise19, I come in on a Wednesday and a Friday and that’s when I do my work. We create content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We plan goals as a team, and then we achieve them. I enjoy working here, I find it interesting. I really enjoy learning new Social Media and Graphic Design skills.

I worked in a nursery before, looking after children and reading them stories. This is very different! It’s much more social.

I think Enterprise19 is about learning new skills and communication. And making new friends.

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