th3rdlevel aims to create ethical fashion that customers will want to wear because it fits, it looks good, and it literally does not cost the Earth. By doing this, they have a viable commercial project that creates work experience opportunities for young adults. 

From designing in graphics workshops to learning the ropes of retail; with warehouse stock control, packaging and deliveries, modelling garments and helping with the lighting and photography of fashion shoots, these young adults have an input every step of the way. 

All the products are made from eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources that are extremely soft, comfortable and are then delivered in eco-friendly, compostable packaging that can be reused. Theth3rdlevel has partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project and donates to this cause. Every purchase made results in a tree being planted; helping the planet, which is deeply rooted within their company ethos. 

th3rdlevel has a simple aim, to educate and inspire other businesses to offer similar opportunities to young adults.