Inside e19


At enterprise19 we use our talent, skills and creativity to design and create a huge range of different products over three different units in Farnham. Which we then sell right here on our website and on market stalls in the local area.

We want you to look through the enterprise19 windows and see all the hard work we put into each and every single product that we bring to you.

To follow the process we go through to create mug designs that stretch the limits of imagination and make your workmates jealous.

How we take old unwanted furniture and breathe new life into it and into your home. The precision in a hand-crafted candle holder that lights up any room.

The craftsmanship that goes into a hand-sewn advent calendar that spreads joy over the festive period.

The attention to detail needed for a screen printed tea towel that will brighten your kitchen.

The journey from a boundlessly creative art session to a packaged greetings card ready to be shipped and placed on the mantelpiece with pride.

And all the nitty gritty elements too, the website maintenance, the money handling, the stock audits, the social media campaigns, the product deliveries.

We really do a lot.

So follow us through the doors of enterprise19 and see how your purchase and ongoing support enables all this to happen.


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