Smiley Bauble Bauble Christmas Card

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This card has the added super power of making you super smiley when you see our super smiley bauble baubles! These bright and colorful designs were drawn by Andrew Bu, Ben C, Maria S, Mikey W, Nat P. 

This year at E19 we held a Christmas card competition across Post19 to give everyone the opportunity to create artwork for the Christmas cards. We received so many fantastical designs and trust us it was very hard to pick the final designs! We have an overall winner on each card that Rob picked (glad it was him and not us!) the winner of this card was ... (drum roll) ...  Maria S. 

We want to be a planet friendly organization. Our products are printed locally on FSC certified card so we know that for every tree cut down another is planted. 

All profits from the sales go straight back into creating opportunities for our wonderful young adults!