Inked Claus Chronicles: Christmas Card

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Rebel without a Claus! Introducing our 'Inked Claus Chronicles: Christmas Card' where Santa reveals his edgy side with tattoos galore and a playful declaration: "I do it for the Ho! Ho! Ho's!"

This card is not your typical holiday fare—it's a festive rebellion against the ordinary. Santa, adorned with inked sleeves and a mischievous twinkle in his eye, crosses his arms to declare his dedication to spreading laughter and joy during the festive season.

Share the merriment, embrace the unexpected, and add a dash of rebellious cheer to your holiday wishes with the 'Inked Claus Chronicles.' It's not just a card; it's a celebration of the jolly, the naughty, and the irreverently nice. Get ready to unwrap a whole new level of festive fun with this tattooed Santa Christmas greeting card!

Desgins by:
Joe G
Chloe G
Tom McK
George W
Chris D
Alex V