Pocket Mirror - 'Well Aren't You The Goats Gonads?!'


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 *Warning. This is a cheeky product!

Well now. What more can be said about this mirror? We all have THAT friend, don't we? The slightly vain one (with the BRILLIANT sense of humour) and wouldn't this be the most amazing gift for that friend?! 

These useful pocket mirrors, designed and created by our young adults with disabilities, (This one uses artwork by James B and Alex V's beautiful font) - are 60 mm wide, so can easily slip into any pocket or handbag and are gift packaged and branded with our 'Motivational Mirrors' packaging too. How handy is THAT?


This would make the BEST present ever. Because lets face it - everyone needs to check for spinach in their teeth or dodgy mascara every now and again, surely?!