This candle smells like a hug from and old friend (Rhubarb and ginger)

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Everyone needs a hug from an old friend now and again, and our young adults thought that THIS is what that would smell like.... So we captured it in a candle.

Burn this candle and your home will smell like a hug form an old friend (assuming your old friends smell of Rhubarb of course...)

The perfect candle for a stocking fillers , featuring a delightfully quirky design created in our Graphic Design Workshop by our amazing team, using one of Abbi's lovely illustrated swirlies.



A magical combination of Rhubarb & Ginger (Our favourite scent) 

All candles are vegan & made from natural plant wax.

The ingredients are from sustainable sources & we use environmentally friendly packaging & glass.

Burn time is approx 20 - 30 hours.  Stop burning the candle when the wax reaches 1cm from the base.

Never leave a burning candle & keep away from children & flammable objects.