Special Delivery Santa: Christmas Greetings Card

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Celebrate the unsung hero of festive deliveries with our 'Special Delivery Santa' Christmas Card! Featuring a heart warming illustration of Santa adorned in his usual attire, this card playfully declares, 'A postman is just a Santa who works all year.'

This whimsical card pays tribute to the tireless efforts of our real-life Santa's—postmen who diligently ensure joy and excitement are delivered to doorsteps all year round. The charming imagery captures Santa in his alternate role, spreading cheer through parcels instead of presents, making it a delightful and unique addition to your holiday greetings.

Send warm wishes and gratitude to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes with this special card that combines festive magic with a touch of reality. 'Santa Postman Chronicles' is not just a card; it's a heart warming nod to the dedicated Santa's who make every day a little brighter. Share the spirit of year-round joy with this charming and thoughtful Christmas greeting card.

Designs by:
Charlie W and John W