Knit Wit: Christmas Card

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Get ready for a playful twist on festive fashion with our 'Get Your Knits Out' Greeting Card! Featuring whimsical illustrations of Christmas jumpers, this card invites you to embrace the cosy and cheeky side of the season with a playful play on words.

This card is not just a greeting; it's a celebration of the joy and humour found in donning those festive sweaters. The playful text, "Get Your Knits Out," adds a touch of light heartedness to the holiday wardrobe, encouraging a bit of seasonal merriment.

Send warm wishes and laughter to your loved ones with this charming and whimsical Christmas greeting card. It's more than just a card; it's an invitation to get cosy, get knitty, and share a good-natured chuckle during the festive season. Spread the joy with this playful and festive Christmas card!

Designs by: 
William Clay
Chloe Gerrard
Millie Gerrard
Leo Bromham
Nat Philips
Chris Duffy
John Wright
Charlie Wright
Ben Naybour